Laundry Careers in Senior Living

At StoneBridge Senior Living we maintain a level of comfort and cleanliness for our residents ensuring that all personal living areas are given special attention every day. Creating a pleasant place to live within is a crucial role that we put emphasis on. We care about our residents and we want them to feel reassured that their personal garments and living quarters are fresh for them daily. This peace of mind helps everyone feel at home and at StoneBridge that is always our goal.

What You’ll Be Doing

Laundry Supervisor
This leadership position oversees and manages the laundry operations within the facility, ensuring that all linens, clothing, and other textiles are cleaned and maintained according to hygiene standards. They supervise a team of employees, delegate tasks, and ensure efficient workflow in order to fulfill the laundry needs of the residents, staff, and the facility as a whole. Additionally, they may be responsible for inventory management, equipment maintenance, and implementing safety protocols in the laundry department.

Laundry Assistant
Our laundry assistants are responsible for sorting, washing, drying, and folding residents’ clothing and linens. They ensure that laundry is handled properly, following specific instructions for temperature, detergents, and fabric care. Their role is vital in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and comfort for the seniors they serve.

Opportunities to Advance Your Laundry Career

StoneBridge Senior Living offers an ideal opportunity to grow and make a lasting impact. With a supportive team, ongoing professional development, and a diverse range of departments, you can expand your skills and take on new challenges. While creating meaningful experiences that enhance the well-being of our remarkable residents you can showcase leadership skills and move into management roles within the organization.

Laundry Positions Near You

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Don’t see a position that fits your skill set?

We offer a wide range of positions for nearly all skill sets and levels of experience. Plus, our supportive environment fosters learning and development, allowing you to gain new skills while helping to provide exceptional care to our residents. So, don’t hesitate to explore alternative paths within StoneBridge Senior Living – you might just find the perfect fit!