At StoneBridge Senior Living, we understand that there are many decisions when it comes to yourself or your loved one’s care. We have a dedicated, professional staff available to assist with lifestyle options and any questions you may encounter.

Our staff is ready to assist in these decisions and anything else you or your loved one needs:

  • Choosing the right community
  • Financial considerations
  • Taking the next step

Helpful Resources


How do I know when it’s time to start looking for senior living options for my loved one?

Placing a loved one in a senior living community can be a difficult decision. We understand the complexity of this decision as you are thinking about the safety and health of your loved one.

Here are some potential signs to consider:
- Increase in falls or accidents
- Miss taking medications
- Periods of confusion
- Decrease in safety awareness
- Change in personal hygiene and daily activities
- Lack of interest in enjoyable activities

Who can assist me with making a decision for senior living options for me or a loved one?

StoneBridge Senior Living staff is ready to assist with any questions you may have during your evaluation process. Other resources that can assist in the process include hospital social workers, your church, physician, community centers and even your financial planner.

What costs do I need to consider for a senior living community?

Contact a StoneBridge Senior Living community and we can assist with any questions you may have in understanding costs and financial obligations. Download our cost comparison worksheet to compare current at home expenses with costs of services and amenities offered at our communities.

Does a physician’s order need to be provided for admission to a skilled care or rehabilitation center?

Yes, a physician’s order will need to be provided upon admission. Your loved one will need to visit their primary care physician prior to arrival. A StoneBridge staff member can assist you with the process and work with the physician's office to make it an easy process. If your loved one does not have a physician, we can make a recommendation for you.

Is home care an appropriate option? What should I consider?

As you are making decisions regarding the care of a loved one, home care is an option that many explore and have positive results. Cost is typically the biggest consideration. In addition, you should consider how your loved one feels about having a stranger in his or her home as this can sometimes be difficult. Also, keep in mind the level of social interaction that may or may not occur.

Are there any options for taking care of a loved one when I need a break or traveling out of town?

StoneBridge Senior Living offers Respite services for such times. Contact a StoneBridge Senior Living community most convenient for you to learn more about this service.

How do I know what benefits are available for my loved one’s senior living options?

StoneBridge Senior Living Communities accept a variety of government and third party insurances. You can contact Social Security, Veteran’s Affairs Office and your private 3rd party insurer for details. In addition, our staff is here to assist you with this process.

What levels of care are offered at a StoneBridge Senior Living Community?

As a leader in nursing home and residential care, we want you to have peace of mind when it comes to your loved one. StoneBridge Senior Living Communities offer the convenience of a wide range of residential and rehabilitative choices. Our range of lifestyle options also ensures that resident’s future needs will be served all within the safety, comfort and familiarity of their StoneBridge Community.

Can I tour a StoneBridge Senior Living Community?

Absolutely! Contact any of our communities today, and we will be happy to assist with a tour.