Acting as the primary caregiver for your loved one is a sacrifice. We all want to do all we can to take care of our family members but over time, it’s only natural to need a break.

We aren’t here to make you feel guilty. Quite the opposite. We are here to encourage you that feeling like you need a break is a normal feeling. This is why we offer respite care and urge people to take advantage of it when they can.

We understand and know what a caregiver goes through better than anyone. We want to provide resources for you so you can continue caring for your parents or loved ones in a healthy way without those overwhelming feelings.

What is Respite Care?

If you’ve never heard of respite care, this is a service that offers short-term relief and care for primary caregivers. This type of care can be arranged for a span of several days or a few weeks, depending on what you and your loved one needs.

Many family caregivers are unaware that respite care caregiving is even an option for them. The idea of respite programs is something that you may not think about. And not having an answer for your situation, often leaves individuals and families feeling stuck and alone.

The truth is you are not alone. Other families go through this, plus there are support groups and residential care facilities that can help you and your loved one. There are different types of respite services that are offered.

Resources like the Arch National Respite Network or the Alzheimer’s Association can help you find respite care when you need it most. The mission of Arch National Respite Network is to act as a resource center to provide families with help finding community respite care all over the country. Likewise, some individual charities, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, also offer respite assistance, resources and planning tools to help caregivers.

Types of Respite Care

In-Home Respite Care Providers

It’s possible to even have a respite care provider in your home if needed. This could look like a companion who comes in to sit with your loved one and keep the company for the day. Often there are planned activities that the caregiver does and these types of experiences go a long way for both you as a person who is looking for relief as well as for your loved one.

In-home respite services can also look like hospice services where a home health professional provides home care in terms of personal care. This includes bathing, dressing, using the restroom and even helping with exercise for an elderly parent.

Keeping up with laundry and maid services is a large chore in itself as well, and most seniors can’t do this without help let alone take care of themselves. These household chores and simple things like providing meals fall to you as the primary caregiver. If you’re looking for some relief in this area, there are also respite care options that offer these services as a benefit to you.

Finally, for in-home services, there are also skilled caregivers who can help with administering medications. Providers are professionally licensed to do so and work in respite care for this purpose in order to help their community when they need it.

Adult Day Centers

This type of respite care facility is a comfortable place for seniors to come for the day to receive care during the day, while their caregiver has time to run errands or simply take a break. These community facilities provide programs run by trained staff in order for them to enjoy the day and change up their environment.

Don’t feel guilty for feeling like you need to try out an adult day center. Older parents can get just as restless as you sometimes, and connecting with others outside of their homes is just as good for them as it is for you. It truly is a win-win all the way around.

Overnight Care Services

In some situations, you may have a trip or vacation planned where you need a week of respite care for your loved one. Facilities like StoneBridge Senior Living offer overnight stays where your family can receive care and the services they need without any worry.

The benefits of respite care to you as a family caregiver are plentiful and we want to help you start taking advantage of this assistance right away. We can even help explore the costs.

Top 10 Benefits of Respite Services for A Family Caregiver

Peace of Mind

Taking care of your family and their health is serious, so when you look to someone else to provide care services for those you care for the most it’s a big deal. This often leads you to wonder if anyone else can do it, even for a few days. The answer is yes, they can care for your loved one.

StoneBridge offers respite care services with ultimate professionals and skilled caregivers who are trained to offer premium respite care for each person who comes into their community. With a trained support team looking after your loved one, you can reap the benefits of total peace of mind while you’re away. Whether it’s a day or a week, your loved ones will be in good hands.


The opportunity for family caregivers to take pause and step away for even a day is rewarding in itself. Elderly loved ones can be a challenge in and of themselves, not to mention if they have special needs. It can leave you physically drained. Taking breaks is necessary and allows you to renew and rest your mind even if it’s only 6-8 hours at a time.


Full-time caregiving is a sacrifice. You pay a lot to care for those you love. It’s easy for family care providers to lose themselves while caring for someone else. Any parent will understand this all too well, but it’s just part of what happens. Respite care can offer some time away to help. This service can help offer time for you to restore your sense of self and purpose if you feel it slipping away.


The social aspect of our daily lives is often overlooked until you realize you don’t have it anymore. Respite care is perfect for building relationships for individuals who may not get to see a lot of new faces. Plus, it’s a good way to restore those broken social connections you may have let fall apart while you were so busy pouring yourself into your loved one’s care. Group homes that offer respite services are good outlets and truly provide benefits for both.


Looking after someone else is a full-time job. It takes so much of what you have to give and this is true especially of your energy. In a position like this, it’s necessary to recharge and make sure you’re physically and mentally primed to give your very best. This includes gaining more energy. A residential facility that offers respite care, like StoneBridge, can provide this benefit for you.


Even without looking after someone’s physical care all day, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done. Respite care providers can offer time that you may never knew you needed. Time to step away and get errands done if it’s for the day, or time away for longer like a vacation. Either way, it’s important to embrace this time as much needed support.


Mentally and physically taking time for yourself is important to your health. Whether it’s seeing friends for dinner or meeting for a coffee. Also, the importance of the elderly to maintain their sense of independence in their social life can do wonders for their own health.


Doing things you are passionate about is important. Experiencing new people and activities is important. Respite care can provide this for both you and your family. Whether it’s a care facility with a specific respite care program for the day, even weeks or if it’s a home care provider who offers assistance, both situations can provide a level of time and new faces to shake things up. Give yourself permission to pursue things you’re passionate about.


This benefit can take on a little dual meaning depending on how you look at it. Physical space or the environment you are in 24/7 can get monotonous for both the caregiver and care recipient. Respite care providers can offer a new look for a little while and that can make all the difference in the world. Also, space in terms of you needing another person to come and offer home care so that you can enjoy a day or weekend to yourself.


Proper perspective during situations like these is crucial. Utilizing the resources and support of respite care facilities and programs allows your mind to rest and offers those moments for you to clear your mind. This could be an opportunity for you to rethink how you’ve been doing things or even how to do things better.

Is Respite Care Right for You?

There are many questions that arise when thinking about care, even in the short term, but they’re worth exploring for some peace of mind.

Respite care services can offer so much to families including transportation, meals, other food services and various resources. And costs may even be more affordable than you think. In fact, some long-term care insurance policies will cover it. All in all, we will walk through insurance, how to pay, as well as financial assistance for your family member to help cover costs.

Finding respite care may seem overwhelming but StoneBridge Senior Living can offer answers. Reach out to us with any questions or to learn more.