As your parents or other elderly loved ones begin to need specialized care or simply can’t live in their home alone anymore, you may have to make the difficult decision to place them in a supportive living situation with expert caregivers.

Obviously, you want to make sure that they are able to thrive and live their best lives in your chosen assisted living residence. Their personal, medical and emotional needs should be top priorities for the staff so your loved one can enjoy their twilight years.

The question, then, is how do you know which assisted living facility is the right one? At StoneBridge Senior Living in Jefferson City, Missouri, we pride ourselves on being a premier assisted living residence and skilled nursing home whose experienced team can provide your loved one with the care and compassion needed for a prosperous lifestyle.

Our senior living experts have compiled a list of the top 10 tips to consider when choosing a senior assisted living facility or skilled nursing home.

What to Look for When Visiting Assisted Living Facilities

We understand that making the switch to assisted living or a nursing home can be a big step for your loved one, so StoneBridge Senior Living wants to help you make the right decision.

Here are some things to look for in a senior living residence:


Assisted Living Kitchen & Dining Area

Whether it is your own home, a senior living home, a daycare center, your child’s school, or even the grocery store, cleanliness makes an immediate first impression.

As you evaluate assisted living facilities, be sure you take note of the general appearance, cleaning schedules, housekeeping routines, laundry procedures and the general care of the seniors currently residing there. Use all of your senses to help determine if the cleanliness is up to your standards.

Resident Personal Care and Bathing

Linked to the idea of cleanliness is the personal care and bathing of the current residents at any Jefferson City assisted living facility. The seniors in their care should be clean, healthy and happy, including those who are unable to leave their rooms or beds.

Providing exceptional care in all its forms to the seniors at these assisted living facilities is of the utmost importance.

Staff Care, Training and Friendliness

Nursing Home Staff Hugging Resident with masks

Another expectation you and your loved ones should have while looking into an assisted living facility is skilled nursing care from trained nursing professionals combined with overall staff friendliness.

Make sure that the facility has a staff equipped with the training and services needed to ensure proper care.

Friendliness should also be a top priority. No one wants to live in a place where they feel like a burden or are nervous to speak to a team member. Friendly employees will help bring joy to your loved one.

Assisted Living Activities

Assisted Living Activities Man holding up painted bowl and smiling

As is true throughout our lives, no one wants to be bored or feel as if they have nothing to do or contribute to their community. A great assisted living facility will have activities suited to the needs, abilities and interests of its residents.

These activities should keep the body moving and also stimulate the mind, including a focus on memory care. Physical and mental well-being / memory care are extremely important, so the planned activities of your assisted living facility should accommodate each one.

Outdoor Recreation

Man enjoying the outdoors at Nursing Home

Everyone needs to get a breath of fresh air and shake off the stuffiness of extended indoor living.

Facilities you are touring and/or researching should have a safe and secure outdoor recreation area where seniors are able to stretch their arms and legs, get some sun and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of nature.

Having an outdoor activity area can also help with memory care as it can allow the mind to roam outside of the indoor confinement of the assisted living residence.

Meal Preparation and Dining

One of the most important aspects of any assisted living community is meal preparation and the dining experience.

When you are researching skilled nursing care facilities, it is important to learn about the dining area arrangements and hours, meal options and preparation procedures.

It may also be beneficial to sample the food to make sure the food is fresh, appealing and of high quality.

Security and Safety Regulations

Safety and security are definitely high priorities when it comes to choosing the best assisted living facility for your loved one.

Make sure there is an emergency plan in place, there are skilled nursing personnel on staff at all times and medications are distributed as directed.

Also check to make sure that care has been taken to provide the appropriate assistance for safely maneuvering within individual rooms and throughout the facility. Knowing that your loved one is safe and secure is critical for peace of mind.

Recommendations from Current Jefferson City Residents

StoneBridge Senior Living residents saying thank you with signs

Similar to how you ask for recommendations from your neighbors, friends, family and acquaintances for specialists like plumbers, landscapers and dentists, you can also talk to current seniors in residence at the assisted living facility to find out if they would recommend it.

Knowing the benefits and advantages of a facility is great, but hearing how current residents are thriving will help you make your decision.

Rules and Regulations

It is definitely important that you and your loved one are aware of the rules and regulations that govern the assisted living facility and its residents. You should know what is expected of its staff and its residents.

Staff are required to meet certain guidelines in terms of care, privacy, etc., while residents are also subject to certain rules and restrictions. You wouldn’t want to get an unexpected phone call that your loved one is in violation of these rules and regulations.

Mission Statement

Every Jefferson City assisted living facility should have a mission statement that specifically addresses the level of care and compassion it provides to its residents.

The mission statement should encapsulate the organization as a whole and give you a sense as to whether it is the right fit for your loved one.

Contact Our Jefferson City Assisted Living Facility

At StoneBridge Senior Living, our Jefferson City assisted living experts pride themselves on treating all residents like family and ensuring that they have all of the comforts of home.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of care in a place where residents are happy and thriving.

If you are looking for the best assisted living in Jefferson City for your loved one, contact StoneBridge Senior Living today for more information. We are happy to address any of your concerns and answer all of your questions.