When you are looking for assisted living facilities for future assisted living residents, it is necessary to find the right assisted living community that works for you or your loved ones. The assisted living facility should account for human services, skilled nursing care, personal care services, and general daily services.

Let us take a look at the value of these assisted living communities and how many assisted living communities with a compelling and caring team like StoneBridge Senior Living can make a difference.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is an aid given to people with sub par physical conditions. Due to aging, the human body loses some functions or weakens in performance. This poses a challenge for daily tasks and in many cases, puts the stress of daily care on those who live with them.

Assisted Living is a system, built for older citizens with physical conditions who need help. Our community has a qualified and caring team of people who count it as a privilege to serve you, or your loved ones.

In assisted living, attention is given to each person. Each person is assisted with respect to their unique challenges or needs. Therefore, it allows patients to live comfortably without the burden of their physical conditions while they receive all the necessary care provided.

Individuals can enjoy a certain sense of independent living while also living within a senior living community. They can ensure to have personal care, daily living assistance, a private room, a place where family members can visit and assisted living care.

The right assisted living accommodations combined with the elements of a skilled nursing facility with standard assisted living services can make a tremendous difference.

What You Need to Know About Assisted Living Facilities

An assisted living system is a community on its own, that contains (at least) the necessary things for people who need assistance to be well taken care of. It covers medical treatments, meals and help eating, cleanliness, transportation, relaxation, etc. This type of care is a solution to those who may have ongoing challenges as they age whether it be due to injury, illness or natural health decline.

There are levels to the services offered within senior communities. For instance, there are shared rooms and single rooms. Rooms are furnished to different degrees, some communities have more recreational facilities, nutritional guidance, mental health counseling, various therapies, etc. The meals provide a variety of nutritious food for our residents to enjoy as well. In all, you can choose what works best for you and your family.

Why Assisted Living?

It is possible to take care of loved ones from home without an assisted living facility, so why assisted living? Here are some reasons why you should opt for the benefits of an assisted living community.

Trained personnel. Our staff have both the knowledge and experience required for this task. Friends and family may try their best but our qualified team is guaranteed to remove the stress of caregiving. Our patients fully enjoy living, often independently, without being challenged by their present conditions.

These conditions are medical. Medical conditions need to be monitored by a physician, and patients need specific living conditions to maintain a higher level of care and services.  We have all the necessary requirements here in our community for residents to feel comfortable and at home.

Social interaction. At older ages, people would need to interact more. Being retired and or having an impaired physical condition confines people to their homes with little to no human interaction. In an assisted living space, you would get meaningful connections with staff and fellow residents.

There are a wide variety of services present and other benefits of being in most assisted living facilities. Even without the need for facilities, the additional care required can be a lot for families to handle without proper support.

More benefits for aging adults through assisted living

Apart from those listed above, a big benefit at StoneBridge is we make you feel at home. We consider our staff and all residents as family and we have built a home with all the care and assistance you need. You’ll have access to:

  • Shared or single rooms with comfortable living conditions
  • 3 proper meals a day
  • Leisure and recreational activities
  • Help, guidance, monitoring and medical care
  • Transportation to and from the community
  • Dry cleaning
  • And a nice social environment

What to Look for in an Assisted Living Space in Heber Springs

When researching for assisted living communities, it’s important to choose the right one. There are numerous factors for you and/or your loved one to consider, including the following:

Available Facilities

Starting from the medical part, you need a well-equipped hospital or clinic in an assisted living space. You also need a clean and comfortable residential area, an open space for interaction, a dining area, and recreational facilities.

Attention Given to Patients

This is an important factor to consider when making your choice. Facilities should pay adequate attention to their patients and be quick in responding to medical emergencies.

Quality of Services Offered

Do they offer the necessary care specific to me or my loved one? How good is the food they serve? How well do they relate with residents? Is their staff properly trained? Is it affordable? Is transportation available for residents?

These are some of the questions that are helpful to ask when getting to know communities in your area. A resident’s daily experience is valuable, and physical tours are welcome at StoneBridge.

Qualified Staff

In assisted living* you would be entrusting yourself or a loved one to staff. It is of importance that they are qualified for the job. At StoneBridge, we ensure only qualified team members provide the quality services our residents require.

Facility Management

This covers how well this community manages its facilities, common spaces and their residents. It refers to cleanliness and serenity in the environment and proper maintenance of their facilities. 

Costs and Expenses

You would pay for housing, meals, medical, and other inclusive expenses. Calculate the costs of living and research what types of services are non-negotiable. Some communities offer services at different levels, so you can pick convenient options that are right for you.

Benefit from Social and Recreational Activities and General Senior Care with Our Assisted Living Options at StoneBridge Senior Living

Assisted living is a significant help for older adults. It provides them with the attention and care they need. It also provides social interaction between staff and fellow residents as well. Generally, they thrive better in this specific environment that was created just for them.

If you or your family (or friend) are in need of assisted living, we have a community here in Heber Springs. Our service is top-notch, we have adequate medical facilities and our residents live in a tranquil environment. If you want to join us or have more inquiries you can reach out to us at StoneBridge Senior Living and we’ll be there to help.