At StoneBridge, our assisted living facility is devoted to the independence and full living experience of our residents. Our community is designed to empower residents and encourage them to explore their ideas and choices.

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We are pleased to offer engaging assisted living communities to our current assisted living residents and are excited to offer prospective residents both high-quality care and life within our assisted living community.

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What You Need To Know About Assisted Living in Jefferson City, MO

Our assisted living facility in Jefferson City, MO is a resident-centered community that offers exceptional and comprehensive care to seniors.

At our facility, we provide an engaging and invigorating experience through our trained, motivated and caring staff. We help senior residents to connect with others and be part of a community they can relate to and care about as they enter this phase of their life.

Our trained professionals at our assisted living facilities will also help residents to pursue their life purpose and lifelong learning endeavors. Our supportive staff provides all the necessary help to help all these become reality for our residents.

Our Assisted Living Facilities Focus on Care

One exceptional feature of many assisted living communities is the great care provided. Our exceptional caregivers greet every resident with a big, genuine smile on their faces and are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our residents.

The community fosters warm interactions between residents and caregivers. Every activity is an opportunity for social interaction and enjoying the little bits of life. 

The meals are homemade with love and rich in appearance, taste, and nutrients. Our special programs include family events, bingo nights, cooking classes, regular town hall meetings, and holiday parties for special seasons. 

Our day-to-day activities have wellness incorporated into them. We have daily exercise routines to keep our residents agile, mobile, and ready to take on the day. 

We Believe that Exercise Is Critical in Assisted Living Facilities

We offer different exercise options such as light aerobic activity, yoga, and light weight lifting. We also provide occupational, speech, and physical therapy.

We believe every resident at our assisted living communities deserves a life of comfort and purpose. Everything our staff provides is designed to make those features a reality.

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The Levels of Care We Offer

Assisted Living

We allow residents to experience independence and quality care with our assisted living care programs. We create an environment of inclusion and freedom to allow residents to live their best lives while providing help where needed.

What is the purpose of assisted living?

Assisted living is for senior residents who require assistance with their daily activities. These include daily tasks such as hygiene, dressing, grooming, taking medication, and other routines. Our caregivers assist them to get the most out of their life without fumbling over these tasks.

The programs are designed to be non-intrusive to allow the residents to retain and explore their independence for as long as they can.

Residents under our assisted living program and who live in our assisted living facilities will enjoy:

  • Homemade quality meals
  • Assistance with their housekeeping needs
  • Transportation to appointments and outings
  • Assistance with personal grooming
  • A warm and social living environment

If you have further questions about medication management, living arrangements, our community staff, or more, reach out to our senior care team at StoneBridge Senior Living today.

Who is assisted living suitable for?

Assistance-oriented living helps people who are experiencing cognitive decline or have issues with general mobility and carrying out their daily tasks. If you are concerned about your health and safety or that of your loved one, then you should consider assisted living options.

Memory Care

We help residents with memory issues lead active and purposeful lives by providing the most advanced care and support.

What is the purpose of memory care?

Memory care is designed to assist residents with a diagnosis of cognitive disease. We provide emotional and physical support to ensure our residents can thrive and live purposeful lives. 

Our care services are personalized to each resident to ensure they can remain active and pursue activities and extend their longevity.

Residents under the Memory care program will benefit from:

  • Housekeeping assistance
  • Assistance with grooming, hygiene, and other related tasks
  • Support groups to support those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Private family rooms for dining and interactions.

Who is memory care suitable for?

Memory care is designed to assist those with any form of memory need. Those who experience a lapse in their memories due to Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. 

A compromised memory can threaten your health or that of your loved ones. People who experience memory loss can forget to perform their daily tasks such as grooming and taking their medication.

Independent Living

We provide living accommodation for seniors who can carry out their daily routine on their own.

What is the purpose of independent living?

Many seniors can still carry out their day-to-day activities without relying on others. However, they often seek the comfort and comparison of other seniors. Our assisted living facility allows these older adults to make these desires a reality.

Our staff is responsive and eager to provide all the necessary help to make their lives fun and exciting. 

Residents will enjoy:

  • 24-Hour Staffing
  • Weekly Housekeeping Services 
  • Life Enrichment Activities

Who is independent living suitable for?

This option is suitable for senior residents who can perform their daily routines on their own. It provides full support to allow these adults to live their lives with meaning and interact with other older adults.

Why Choose StoneBridge Senior Living?

Assisted Living StoneBridge in Jefferson City is your “all-in-one” solution to senior resident care. We offer quality assisted living, memory care and independent facilities. We also include wellness and exercise programs and provide occupational, speech, and physical therapies. 

Peace of mind

Our exceptional care services ensure you can have peace of mind whether you are a resident at our facilities or have a loved one entrusted to our care.


We promote healthy relationships as they are the backbone of our community.

Exceptional dining experiences

Our meals are made for the enjoyment as well as nourishment for our residents. 

Comprehensive services

We provide a full range of services to ensure our residents are well taken care of. There is transportation, personal grooming, or pharmacy needs. Whatever the need, we have our seniors covered.

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