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Physically aging is an inevitable part of growing old, and it comes with its complications. One of the most common complications of aging is memory loss which can worsen if seniors do not receive the utmost care.

With the increasing number of reported cases of memory loss among seniors in Maryland Heights, more families are searching for the best memory care facilities within their vicinity. This is understandable as proximity is a key factor to consider in finding a memory care community for a loved one.

Memory care is a form of long-term care aimed at offering optimal care to seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The right memory care community is designed for persons who require a higher level of assistance than that provided by assisted living only.

Memory care facilities also care for seniors who may be unsafe if they remain in their private homes. Memory care is the best long-term care option for seniors with varying degrees of memory conditions since memory care communities provide specific memory care programs intended for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

If you are looking for the right memory care communities and memory care services, reach out to our team at StoneBridge Senior Living in Maryland Heights. We understand that family members of memory care residents want to have the best level of care for their loved ones.

Reach out today if you or your family members require the services of assisted living facilities, specialized care, residential memory care for cognitive impairment, and general personal care services. We have specially trained staff who are ready to help with everything from early-stage dementia to assisted living and daily living care.

Services provided by memory care facilities in Maryland Heights

Most memory care locations provide the same services as assisted living facilities. You can rest assured that you will get the following services:

  • Quality Accommodation

The comfort of every senior is a priority, and memory care facilities are obligated by state laws to maintain a decent standard of comfort. The minimum standard of accommodation is a semi-private or private setting with ensuite restrooms. This ensures a senior doesn’t have to go too far to perform daily tasks.

  • Quality Meals

Seniors, like everyone else, require quality meals to stay strong and healthy. However, more seniors have dietary requirements that must be included in their meal routines. These specifications will be included in memory care facilities alongside daily restaurant-style meals. They will also be fed healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day.

  • Hygienic Environment 

An unclean environment poses a great threat to the health and well-being of seniors whose immune system is already fragile. StoneBridge memory care facilities offer services that include housekeeping, personal laundry, and cleaning.

  • Social inclusion

Social groups are vital for good health and longevity. Keeping up with social groups is difficult for seniors as their mobility is often limited. However, in memory care facilities and residential senior care communities, social interaction and aged group activities are encouraged. Organized games, study groups, and escorted day trips are among this facility’s daily social and leisure activities.

  • Medical Care

Memory care facilities are mandated by state laws to have medical alarm systems installed on-site and frequent visits by medical practitioners for check-ups. There is also a standby ambulance to attend to emergencies.

  • Personal Grooming

Some seniors may need help performing basic grooming tasks; the staff can help them with this task. This includes dressing, filling nails, and combing hair.

  • Constant security

It is easy for seniors to wonder when they do not have anyone to look after them. In memory care facilities, however, their movements will be thoroughly monitored. This way, their caretakers know where they are at all times.

Benefits of memory care facilities in Maryland Heights

Memory care has many advantages for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. This system encourages seniors to stay active as long as it’s feasible while offering stimulating activities such as brain games that promote quality of life.

Other benefits of memory care include:

  • Clear and unique housing layouts to reduce confusion
  • A secure, structured environment to prevent wandering
  • Trained, licensed, and experienced staff
  • Low staff-to-resident ratio
  • Person-centered care
  • Coordinated care with other healthcare providers
  • Supportive therapies

Treatment Services for Specific Senior Needs from StoneBridge Senior Living in Maryland Heights

Depending on the degree of their memory condition, different seniors respond to different treatments and therapies in different ways. This is why memory care facilities provide different supportive therapies for dementia care. 

Patients greatly benefit from these therapies as they can help improve the health condition of seniors by boosting relaxation, reducing agitation, and enhancing positive moods. These therapies include:

  • Occupational Therapy

This therapy focuses on assisting patients in learning coping methods for memory loss and cognitive decline within their everyday life.

  • Music Therapy 

Listening to soothing classical music or singing songs with dementia patients has been shown to boost cognition and lessen agitation and aggressive behavior. This therapy can be made available upon request.

  • Pet Therapy

This is quite a popular form of therapy. Many memory care facilities have a resident pet for companionship, usually a dog or a cat. 

  • Art therapy

This can help reduce cognitive decline and improve seniors’ overall quality of life.

  • Reminiscence therapy

This is a type of treatment that engages seniors in recalling memories. This technique employs sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound to aid seniors with memory loss in recalling individuals, events, and locations.

  • Aromatherapy 

This is a treatment that uses essential oils and employs smell specifically intended to elicit memories. This may help seniors with memory loss feel less agitated.

Do you need a memory care facility in Maryland Heights? StoneBridge Senior Living Is Here For You

Taking care of a senior can be quite a strenuous task. Suppose the senior does not receive optimal care from specialists or is able to engage in physical and social activities that can boost their health condition. In that case, there is a high chance their condition can worsen.

It’s also possible that they are not in a secure environment with emergency monitoring. This makes it hard for many families to properly care for and attend to their needs all alone.

Our memory care facility relieves family caregivers of the stress of caring for a senior and assures easy access and frequent visitation. This makes it ideal for you and your family member.

Our services are top-notch and in line with state requirements for maintaining memory care facilities. You can give yourself or your loved one optimal care with a reasonable service fee.

We are only a call away. You can reach out to our team at StoneBridge Senior Living right away to make inquiries. Contact us today!