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This may be a very stressful time in your life for a wide variety of reasons. If you need the services of medical professionals at a skilled nursing facility, that means that you need different forms of assistance.

Whether it is access to specialized medical equipment, licensed practical nurses, and holistic medical care, the right skilled nursing communities certainly make a significant difference in overall quality of life.

Our team at StoneBridge Senior Living offers a wide range of skilled nursing care services performed by caring and highly trained staff within one idyllic community.

Our wide range of services covers both residential and rehabilitative needs. Our skilled nursing services include short-term rehabilitation, memory care, and assisted living. Our services are designed to help the elderly in our care get more out of life and live comfortably with others in their community.

We strive to make each moment memorable because we believe that it is not the years that count but the memories we make in those years. At our Maryland Heights nursing facility, we are committed to helping our residents to live fully at all stages.

Dedicated and Loving Skilled Nursing in Maryland Heights

At our nursing facility in Maryland Heights, our number one goal is to help our residents live life to the best of their dreams and abilities.

Our housing facilities are spacious and are constructed with privacy features. We also provide round-the-clock skilled nursing services to ensure our residents get the care and attention they need at all times.

Whether your loved one is recovering from a cardiac procedure, illness, joint replacement surgery, or stroke, we will help you nurse them back to health and vitality.

  • Specialized healthcare teams: Our healthcare teams are staffed with specialized and licensed physicians, therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide 24/7 nursing care to our residents. We offer different levels of care based on the needs of our residents. Our nurses also assist with personal living activities for residents who require assistance. We also have specialized professionals like dieticians and clinical social workers to ensure that no aspect of your loved ones’ health and well-being is left unattended.
  • Fully functional amenities: We price a wide range of amenities to ensure our residents live comfortably and can express their skills, desires, and hobbies. Aside from the daily entertainment programs, we also arrange social events, religious services, and private meetings. Other amenities in our facilities include a high-speed internet connection, a beauty/barber shop, private meeting rooms, Cable TV in each room, and housekeeping and laundry services.
  • Individualized nursing care: No two residents are the same. Each person has unique needs, which is why we spend valuable time and resources to ensure each resident’s needs are met. We offer individual plans for the management of diabetes, pain, injuries, nutritional needs, physical therapy, and other management systems. Each plan is sustained to align with the desired outcome and the resident’s lifestyle.

Get Around-The-Clock Nursing Care Services In Maryland Heights

Choosing a nursing care facility should not be done haphazardly. Unqualified care can do more harm than good and such harm may require long-term treatment and care to reverse.

Here are a few ways we have helped loved ones nurse their elderly ones back to health and help them regain their vitality and positive outlook on life.

  • Resident first approach: Our primary goal is the excellent health and well-being of our residents. No expense is spared, and we take our job very seriously when addressing the needs of the precious people placed in our care.
  • Transparency: We operate an open-door approach when it comes to relating with the people responsible for the elderly within our care. This transparency policy extends from top to bottom and ensures our management and staff use best practices and resources when providing care for our residents.
  • Healthy community: We are concerned about the well-being of our residents so we take our time to review new applications. We will never jeopardize the health and mental well-being of our residents. Our programs and care are designed to promote a neighborhood of love and togetherness.

Give Your Loved One The Best Care With Our Comprehensive Range Of Healthcare Services

Whether your loved one is recovering from an illness, surgery, or psychological trauma, we have the facility, staff, and experience to support them in their recovery process. We understand that each case is different so we let our residents recover at their own pace while providing gentle nudges and support.

We offer the following types of care

  1. Rehabilitation care: This type of care is mostly for residents who are recovering from major illnesses, trauma, joint replacement, or stroke.
  2. Memory care: Our trained and licensed dementia practitioner will assist your elderly one with the support they need to get the most out of life.
  3. General skilled nursing care: We provide general nursing care to those who require 24/7 nursing care support to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Your Loved one will Thrive In An Effective Skilled Nursing Facility

If you are seeking licensed health professionals at a nursing home or at an assisted living facility that cares for your loved ones, reach out to our team at StoneBridge Senior Living today.

Let’s make your loved one healthy and more comfortable with our full range of skilled nursing services.

Call our team at StoneBridge Senior Living today to learn more about questions relating to Medicaid services, private health insurance, assisted living, and our standards with our licensed nurses.

If you are in the area, feel free to drop by and learn more about skilled nursing care provided by our wonderful registered nurses and healthcare professionals.