As people get older, they may require more rigorous rehabilitation, particularly if they’ve been injured in a fall, had a stroke, or had a heart attack. A doctor may recommend short-term rehabilitative care for a patient who requires more support and monitoring while recovering from an illness, injury, or surgical treatment.

Senior rehabilitation facilities assist patients with regaining as many physical and functional abilities as possible. This may be difficult for seniors to do on their own. 

It might be difficult to choose from the repertoire of senior care options. Long-term care comes in various forms with varying levels of supervision, medical care, personal care, and cost.

Compared to home care and a nursing home, senior care rehab services can spend more time working with the patient. This is critical since the more time spent on therapy, the faster the patient will improve. As a result, senior rehab centers are a lot better healing alternative.

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A Brief Overview of Senior Rehabilitation Centers

Senior rehab facilities may cover many physical ailments, which include:

Orthopedic rehabilitation and multiple trauma care

Many polytrauma senior patients experience significant long-term physical and mental health difficulty, which affects their quality of life. 

The restoration or substantial improvement of functional health is the core objective of orthopedic rehabilitation. A senior rehab facility will help seniors obtain the best possible quality of life despite their functional limitations.

Stroke rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is a series of therapies focused on helping seniors regain skills lost due to a stroke. Rehabilitation can aid with movement, speech, strength, and daily living tasks, depending on which portions of the brain the stroke impairs.  

Rehabilitation after a stroke can help seniors regain independence and enhance their quality of life.

Amputee rehabilitation

A persistent disability results from losing a limb, which can influence a senior’s self-image, self-care, and mobility. The acute therapy phase begins after surgery. The facility often initiates a more intensive rehabilitation program as the senior’s condition improves.

Positive reinforcement promotes independence and improves self-esteem, which aids healing. The facility ensures that the rehabilitation program is tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Neuromuscular Disorder Therapy

Each person’s neuromuscular rehabilitation therapy will change depending on their condition, goals, and abilities. In a senior rehab facility, physical and occupational therapists collaborate with doctors and other healthcare providers to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient.

Neuromuscular Disorder Therapy aims to keep seniors as active and self-sufficient as possible. This can either be by strengthening the senior’s muscles or practicing reflexes.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a medically supervised program that assists patients with lung illnesses in living and breathing better. The staff of the senior rehabilitation facility will help seniors with this condition learn workouts and breathing exercises.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a supervised program that combines physical activity with teaching about healthy living, medications, and counseling. This will help seniors cope with stress and improve their mental health. 

A senior rehabilitation facility will provide fitness and nutrition specialists, physical therapists, and counselors to assist seniors with cardiac rehabilitation.

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Services rendered by senior rehabs in Maryland Heights

Senior rehabilitation facilities are intended to assist those recovering from an injury or a catastrophic medical event in reducing pain and improving function. Typical services provided by senior rehab facilities include:

  • Physical therapy

This will aid in improving mobility, balance, flexibility, strength, and pain management.

  • Occupational therapy

This is for activities of daily living (ADLs), adapted equipment use, or fine motor skills.

  • Speech therapy

This is to aid in treating disorders that affect communication, swallowing, or cognitive abilities, such as concentration or memory issues.

Benefits of Senior Rehabilitation

Senior rehabilitation assists older persons in healing, recovering, and returning to their favorite activities. Participating in rehabilitation can bring mental and emotional health benefits in addition to the apparent physical benefits, such as:

  • Improved Self-confidence 

It’s common for anyone to lose confidence when faced with health issues. As older adults progress and reach their goals in rehab, it will help them restore their confidence and stay motivated to keep going.

  • Reduced stress

Recovering from a severe illness or injury can be stressful. The therapists and skilled caregivers in senior rehabilitation facilities understand how to help seniors stay positive and focus on their recovery.

  • Enhanced Quality of Life 

Active rehabilitation participation aids older persons in regaining their optimum level of function and continuing to live their best lives.

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