When it comes to where your loved or elderly one is best suited to complete their rehabilitation before being discharged from the hospital, families have options to get the most appropriate fit for them. From expert services that can be professionally done at home to residing in an assisted living community, you should learn about the various options your loved one has, to help them get better safely and quickly.

What is a Senior Rehabilitation Center?

A senior rehabilitation center is a facility designed to help seniors recover from serious medical issues or injuries. It is a center meant to help them improve function and reduce pain. Typically, a rehabilitation center offers a variety of professional services including:

• Speech Therapy – This helps with conditions affecting your communication, cognitive skills, or swallowing, such as memory or attention issues.

• Occupational Therapy – This therapy helps with activities of daily living, fine motor skills, and the use of adaptive equipment.

• Physical Therapy – As the name suggests, physical therapy helps to improve your balance, flexibility, mobility, manage pain, and increase strength.

Inpatient Senior Rehabilitation Services

Many professional senior rehabilitation centers like StoneBridge Senior Living offer inpatient services. 

You may need inpatient rehabilitation services for your loved one if they require constant monitoring and around-the-clock care. Inpatient rehabilitation is suitable for seniors who are recovering from major surgery, debilitating disease, or severe injury. This type of rehabilitation facilitates intensive care that typically entails physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

Inpatient rehab institutions may offer exercise classes, counseling services, social activities, and meals provided by dietitians. All these are usually done while offering professional medical care and aid with daily tasks like getting dressed and bathing.

Short-Term and Long-Term Rehabilitation Services for Seniors

Some rehabilitation centers provide both long-term and short-term inpatient rehabilitation options for the elderly. The decision mainly depends on the health status of your loved one.

For instance, your loved one may require just a short stay at a rehab facility after undergoing minor surgery. On the other hand, seniors with serious, chronic conditions like stroke or heart problems may need many months of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services at a professional seniors rehabilitation center like StoneBridge Senior Living.

The doctor will evaluate the severity of your loved one’s injury or illness to determine the most appropriate rehab program. you and your loved one can decide if reaching the rehab goals can be safely achieved in a different rehab option or a skilled nursing facility.

Choosing a Senior Rehab Location

Rehab for seniors can take place in several settings.

In-Home Rehab for Senior

Some rehabilitation services for the elderly can be conveniently performed at home via home health agencies that are usually paid for by your insurance company or Medicare. The services are often performed by licensed medical experts who come to your loved one’s home to perform a specific physician-ordered task. Some of the tasks include providing wound care, administering injections, monitoring health, and developing a physical therapy and strength training program. 

These services are usually ordered a few times per week. However, in-home rehab does not have the socialization and peer support that your loved one can enjoy in assisted living communities or skilled nursing facilities. Socialization and support give seniors some additional motivation they require to recover.

Rehab Therapy at a Senior’s Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

An SNF is also referred to as a rehab hospital. They provide housing a rehabilitation services on a short-term basis for seniors requiring skilled medical care and 24-hour nursing services. These facilities normally feel like a clinic, with shared rooms and hospital beds. Social services, dietary counseling, and meals are often provided. Approved SNFs may have Medicare coverage if your loved one checks in within 30 days of hospitalization. The hospital stay should have lasted at least three days. However, if your loved one is affected by the coronavirus or is unable to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, he or she may qualify for Medicare coverage for an SNF regardless of their hospital stay.

Senior Rehab at Assisted Living Communities

Unbeknownst to many, rehabilitation of seniors can be effectively completed in an assisted living community. Professional caregivers can provide nursing services and specific doctor-ordered tasks that are often covered under Medicare. Most assisted living communities like StoneBridge Senior Living usually have occupational therapy and physical therapy rooms within their facility. Seniors residing in the facilities can take advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment any time they wish to use them. Seniors who wish to return home after rehabilitation can opt for a short-term respite care stay at these communities. Respite care helps put your loved one’s mind at ease, knowing assistance is available 24 hours a day and prompt emergency services.

Finding the Right Senior Rehabilitation plan in Chillicothe, MO

Choosing the right elder care provider can be quite challenging, regardless of whether your elderly loved one is looking for a long-term care home or a short-term stay in an elderly care facility. That said, choosing the right location is imperative, knowing how the two care decisions are closely entwined. For this reason, do not hesitate to ask our caregivers at StoneBridge Senior Living any questions regarding our current and future care options. 

Our family comprises caring and understanding skilled members who offer exceptional services that enhance your loved one’s quality of life. Although they may be in an assisted living community, they enjoy all the comforts of home. Family is at the core of our communities and we go beyond and over to support and assist our residents, friends, and family members. We feel privileged and honored to care for our older adults as they age. We help our residents thrive, serve our communities, and observe family values.

For more on senior rehabilitation, visit StoneBridge Senior Living at our office in St. Charles, MO. You can also call 855.308.3781 to book an appointment.