As life goes on, our cherished parents and senior loved ones require special care. The natural wear that comes with age may be taking a toll or they may be growing frail from battling an injury and/or ailment. The best place for an elderly loved one to receive care is a well-skilled nursing facility. Here, patients access comforts like those they have at home, to help them feel both safe and supported.

Skilled Nursing Facility

This is a place that offers 24-hour inpatient rehabilitation services, medical care, and specialized care for our loved ones. The staff in a skilled nursing facility need to train in skilled nursing services and in-depth operations of an assisted living facility.

In a skilled nursing facility, a specialist will take an initial physical and mental health check, as well as other progressive health checks for each resident. The extent of their physical capacities is also checked to define the needed level of care for proper senior living or elderly recovery within skilled nursing facilities.

Rehabilitation Center

A rehabilitation center is a special clinic-like institution developed to help people recover from injury or other medical-affiliated incidents. This includes occupational, physical, and speech disorders. The main target of elderly recovery centers is to provide extra support to help alleviate the pain as well as influence the better physical and functional abilities of our cherished seniors.

In this type of setup, specialists offer both outpatient rehabilitation and inpatient rehabilitation. It is often prescribed by a doctor who needs to have informed their patient on the most suitable line of treatment prior to admission for senior rehabilitation services. A senior rehabilitation facility has proper facilities to offer an adequate technological solution in both their physical and occupational therapy rooms where patients can utilize them as often as needed to ensure proper recovery.

Some of the various therapies offered in a senior rehabilitation center include:

  • Occupational Therapy – Individuals in their early stages of memory loss and those dealing with injury and ailments, stand to benefit most from this particular form of therapy. To ease day-to-day living this particular therapy helps the elderly to utilize adaptive equipment such as; toilets, laundry machines, microwaves, and other such utilities. It is otherwise called above the waist therapy
  • Physical Therapy – This prescription is for patients who went through surgery and those nursing a serious injury following an accident or fall. The proper delivery of this therapy will help improve flexibility, mobility, balance, and general strength; it also helps alleviate pain. Another name for this therapy is below the waist therapy.
  • Speech Therapy – Language therapy is fit for seniors in the assisted living communities living with conditions affecting their ability to communicate, swallow and/or hear. Here the seniors will acquire cognitive skills to help them deal with attention and memory problems. A vision-impaired profile and cognitive disability profile assists the professional to customize therapy for each individual patient.

Senior Rehabilitation Services

At a senior rehab center, a patient has access to a wide range of treatment and services administered by trained professionals as directed by a doctor. Your elderly loved one’s state of health will determine the level of rehabilitation care they need. Senior rehabilitation centers offer both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Inpatient rehabilitation works best for residents recovering from serious injury, major surgery, and debilitating conditions who require around-the-clock surveillance and continuous senior rehabilitation. A special nutritional diet prescribed physical and mental exercises, social activities, proper medical care as well as help with activities of daily living are some of the essential routine services afforded to our elderly beloved. Depending on the inflexibility of the situation they may check-in for either long or short-term rehabilitation.

Outpatient rehabilitation, on the other hand, offers analogous services to those of inpatient, the only difference is that the patient will need to frequent the senior rehabilitation center from their home in the company of other family members to access treatment and therapy. Besides the extent and severity of injury or ailment, other factors to consider when deciding on the most effective recovery options include;

  • The estimated recovery duration.
  • The kind of therapy required.
  • The type of insurance coverage or Medicaid services that are in play.
  • The level of mobility and flexibility as well as the extent of physical care required for the resident.
  • The type of medication and possible side effects.
  • Access to extra utilities like oxygen tanks and glasses.

With the very best efforts from skilled therapists and friendly caregivers, older adults will make a timely recovery as well as overcome insecurities holding them down from being happy, active, and confident even as they maintain a social life inside a supportive environment living their best life.

Home Health Services

In special instances, senior rehabilitation services are administered to a patient in the comfort of their home. Certified medical specialists deliver these services as specified by the patient’s physician.

It will take a high level of consistency and discipline to enable a patient to stick to the routine and successfully complete senior rehabilitation through this particular option. This is because the appointed specialist only attends to your elderly beloved a few times a week. In this instance, a patient will need to work extra hard without access to socialization and peer support that they would otherwise benefit from in a skilled nursing center.

Senior rehabilitation can turn out to be expensive. Luckily Medicare and most medical insurance cover finance up to 50 percent of senior rehab care provided your loved one checks into a senior rehabilitation center within 30 days after discharge from at least a three-day hospital stay. Your elderly loved one is also eligible for Medicare support if they are victims of COVID-19 even without previous hospitalization history.

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