It is difficult to see a loved one have to go through different types of pain and have a lower quality of life due to an incident. But thankfully, individuals have the ability to go places to obtain proper recovery.

If you are looking to find out more about senior rehabilitation in Pocahontas, AR because of a need to place your loved one in such a facility, then continue to read on. You will find out more about the various options you have and the value they can provide. 

Further, you can also learn how facilities, such as assisted living communities, can be helpful as they provide various care services, including inpatient rehab. Due to general advancements in care, it is possible to have some level of flexibility and optionality.

Here is what you must know about senior rehabilitation in Pocahontas, AR.

What is Senior Rehabilitation In Pocahontas, AR?

Senior rehabilitation facilities provide seniors, needing a specific level of care, with the services that they need. This kind of care is often necessary after an individual has had some sort of health incident or an injury. 

Rehab comes into the picture so that individuals are able to recover while minimizing their pain. This type of care helps them build a path back to their normal daily living.

A senior rehabilitation center typically offers:

  • Physical therapy practices to aid recovery in flexibility, movement, and the improvement of overall strength. This practice will also help to manage and reduce pain as the proper exercise and movements are done.
  • Occupational therapy will often help with regular activities that the individual was able to do before the injury or health event. The individual may need physical help, equipment, and general assistance to get back to a level of independence.
  • Speech therapy is another pillar of rehabilitation. This is for those who have experienced problems that impact their speech. If individuals are affected by problems with swallowing, lack of normal cognition, memory matters, or even if they have difficulty communicating, this level of senior care may be needed.

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Inpatient Rehab

Senior rehab centers may offer services that are often best performed in an inpatient setting. The reason why many people may choose to place their elderly loved one in inpatient rehab is that the loved one may require more care and regular monitoring.

If they do require more care, it makes sense to have them stay at the rehabilitation center for a while until they recover from the serious incident. In some cases, they will have to stay at the facility for a prolonged period of time because it is a debilitating disease. Others may have to stay at the facility for a little while because they need a little help and then can get back to normal daily living.

Potential community members who want to move forward with senior rehabilitation at StoneBridge Senior Living are welcome to obtain senior rehabilitation services offered by our excellent staff. Find out how our team at StoneBridge Senior Living can help provide senior rehabilitation services for a wide variety of conditions.

The Level of Care May Vary Depending on The Need

At different centers, you will find that recovery may consist of nutrition assistance, effective exercise options, community activities, the need for counseling, and more. At the same time, these centers are known for their ability to deploy medical assistance and general care for ADLs.

If you require inpatient rehabilitation services, reach out to our team today. Our representatives at StoneBridge Senior Living will offer information on how our rehabilitation center works and the various options that we have for our potential clients.

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