Each person has various needs as they make progress through life. There are those who are independent and only need routine checkups in a hospital setting, and then there are those who require regular help every single day to move around and ensure that they are maintaining a high quality of life.

In the latter case, it may be necessary to provide assisted living services to those that need them, as the loved ones in their lives may not be able to meet their needs full time. Further, they may not be qualified to provide help in the way that professionals can. For instance, in an assisted living facility, you will find qualified professionals who will have the necessary certifications to help the assisted living residents.

The assisted living facility is a crucial part of the modern neighborhood as it offers a community, trained staff, and various other benefits. It is all-encompassing as it will cover medical care, personal needs, and social needs.

Each assisted living facility will vary in how they structure their service. For instance, they may offer different living spaces that range from individual rooms to more community-oriented living spaces.

In essence, these facilities strive to provide a setting that resembles their regular home while looking at ways to help the resident have a certain level of personal independence.

Assisted Living Is Essential

The fact is that assisted living is critical because it provides seniors with a place to stay and live among others. Even though those in assisted living centers may be able to move around by themselves, they may still need help in different aspects. The fact that seniors can obtain essential custom care, nutrient-rich meals, and participate in different social and recreational activities, often boosts their overall health and perception of life.

What Residents Gain From Assisted Living Community Settings

The main value that residents can see is that they can have the services, the space, and the facilities they need to continue to have a certain standard of living. These spaces are made to provide overall wellness to seniors and ensure that physical health, intelligence, and social connection are maintained at a certain level. These three critical aspects are necessary for an individual.

This level of connection and the ability for them to interact, challenge themselves in the right manner, and stay around people can provide them with a higher quality of life in general.

This provides a general sustainable level of living and helps them to account for senior living in a more holistic manner.

What Are the Various Services Offered in Assisted Living Facilities?

As an assisted living community, StoneBridge offers a wide range of services to help the resident maintain a certain level of quality in their lives.

This is a comprehensive overview of what is generally present at most assisted living facilities or assisted living communities.

  • A certain number of meals each day
  • Medication management and monitoring
  • Personal care services
  • Help with chores that range from cleaning the room to laundry services
  • On-demand care for emergency needs
  • A small range of options for medical care
  • Community activities that help individuals to have a social life
  • Recreational options that provide the ability to spend time with others and preoccupy the mind
  • Target transportation services
  • Potential outings
  • Repairs and general maintenance

Of course, each facility will differ when it comes to the respective senior living community. That is why it is necessary to contact the professionals at the many assisted living communities to ensure that you have the right level of care. At the same time, as you contact them, you can find out more about the assisted living residence, the aspect of assisted living expenses, and more.

Assisted Living Facilities Could Even Offer More On-Site

Families reach out to assisted living facilities and trust them because they can offer the essentials and can provide different services that some would not even realize.

For instance, in addition to having core needs met when it comes to socialization, core support, and management of medication, you may notice that they can offer more compelling aspects. We have already discussed how they may account for transportation, and various amenities, but did you know that they could offer other benefits?

For instance, did you know that some assisted living facilities offer:

  • Beauty Shops and Salons
  • Cinema houses
  • Places to check out and read books
  • Swimming spaces
  • Spaces to go and exercise
  • Facilities for prayer and meditation
  • Recreational activities like painting and more
  • Areas to hold events

How Do Assisted Living Facilities Compare to other Senior Care Spaces?

There are different services provided by each place individually. Most assisted living spaces dedicated to more independent residents may not provide as many specialized services as some that cater to people that require more care and assistance. These services may need more investment from medical professionals or other certified workers.

This is why it is important to speak to each assisted living facility personally to determine that they have the necessary services and amenities to meet you or your loved one’s needs.

Some specialty services such as unique care for memory loss or to help stimulate memory care are not available in every single assisted living facility.

These aspects may require even more care and they may be best served at other facilities and types of senior housing.

For those individuals that need skilled nursing care, it may be best to look at other options.

If you have further questions about the differences between assisted living and independent living community centers and nursing homes, remember to reach out to our team at StoneBridge Senior Living today.

Our professionals at StoneBridge Senior Living center will ensure to take great personal care in how we answer questions as we know it is important to have clarity when making significant decisions such as this one.

Find Out How StoneBridge Senior Living Can Offer the Care You Need

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