Searching for an assisted living home for yourself or your loved one takes time and research, especially when there are so many levels of care associated with certain communities. 

At StoneBridge Senior Living, we provide levels of care where individuals can age in place and not have to worry about the stress of moving around unless necessary. 

The Executive Director of StoneBridge Pocahontas helps shine a light on how their facility helps their community and the surrounding residents. 

“Hi, my name is Eugenia Ingram. I’m the Executive Director of StoneBridge Pocahontas.

This is an area where I grew up and I want to make sure everyone around us knows about us. I want them to realize the benefit is of assisted living. 

I get that question a lot. ‘Well, in assisted living, don’t you have to be independent? Don’t you have to be able to do everything for yourself?’ No, you don’t.”

Is assisted living right for my family? 

“We’re just a small, but important step under the nursing home: helping you get dressed, helping you take a shower, assisting you to activities or to the dining room. 

We have 24-hour nursing care. From independent living, all the way up to hospice care, we can care for you here.”

What are the benefits of aging in place? 

“This becomes a home,” Eugenia says. “The staff becomes your family. And if you’re all of a sudden yanked out and having to relocate to a totally different facility, I know that’s a big stress on the family. That’s a big stress on the resident. 

It is a big benefit to be able to age in place. You’re going from being at home alone to having you know you may meet one of your best friends here.

I know it’s hard to leave home, but just coming in here and having interaction with other people can sometimes give you a longer life. 

Really, everything here is totally based on family to me. When I leave in the afternoons, they’ll holler, ‘Bye Eugenia! We love you. We’ll see you tomorrow.’ 

So, it’s really an amazing place to work.” 

What you can expect at StoneBridge

  • 24-hour professional care
  • Supportive health & social services
  • Dedicated staff
  • Medication assistance
  • In-house physical therapy 

Learn more about how our family can care for yours. Find a StoneBridge assisted living community near you.