Looking for short-term rehabilitation services for yourself or a loved one? We offer the highest level of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, plus skilled nursing teams and care available to meet your specific needs. We view transitional care as exactly that, transitional. Our goal is to help residents who require a short-term rehabilitative stay due to injury or illness return home and get back to their daily activities as quickly as possible.

Though we are known first and foremost as a long-term care facility, our nursing services and rehabilitation program work together to assist seniors and patients with recovery. So, you can count on us to provide the highest level of personal care, custodial care or wound care commonly needed for your loved one.  

What is short-term care?

Our facility specializes in long-term care, however, we also offer short-term care for temporary patients who may need skilled nursing services. Short-term care refers to a specific type of medical treatment that has a defined result or outcome. This is compared to ongoing health care for long-term residents who may need daily memory care or who are dependent on nurses or family members for physical care.

Typically, a loved one in need of rehabilitation services is recovering from a surgery, an injury due to an accident or some form of illness. This is where our skilled nursing care and medical professionals are helpful.

How to prepare for short-term rehabilitation care

When searching for a rehabilitation or medical facility, be sure they provide the specific transitional services your loved one needs. Be aware of the type of nursing or care that is required for the desired or prescribed outcome. Oftentimes, if you have been receiving treatment within a hospital, they will offer recommendations and reach out to a health care facility on your behalf.

When researching short-term care services and facilities, there are specific questions that would be helpful to ask.

  1. Are they accepting new patients?
  2. What insurance do they accept and what services are covered?
  3. What can be expected during the transition from the hospital to the rehab facility?
  4. What is the patient-to-staff ratio?
  5. Can family or friends be a part of the care planning?
  6. What does the stay include and what is the typical length of stay?

The answers will help you find out what to expect from skilled nursing facilities and what you need to plan for during the course of your stay.

What are the types of short-term rehabilitation treatments?

Physical Therapy

As a nursing home, we have skilled nursing care and physical therapists who work to help short-term residents and patients regain strength, balance, movement, range of motion and master specific physical tasks needed in order to return home. Loss of motor skills or strength due to physical injury is not easy to recover from, but our rehabilitation center provides the therapy needed to progressively improve recovery on a daily basis. Whether they’re coming from a recent hospital stay or from a different medical facility, we are here for your aging loved one.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps patients recovering from illness or injury get back to doing everyday tasks needed to live everyday life. This includes typical tasks that are a part of everyday living, such as getting dressed or picking up simple objects like a toothbrush. The type of injury or surgery they are recovering from will determine the services they need. Our facilities are able to accommodate each resident with the short or long-term occupational therapy that is required to help them get back to everyday living.

Speech Therapy

There may be patients or residents who are in need of specific services such as speech therapy. Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers can offer this type of therapy to residents who may have suffered a stroke and need help regaining their communication skills. This type of therapy can be used for both long-term care or short-term care patients. It is a common service that our skilled nursing facility can offer and that many patients take advantage of speech therapy at our skilled nursing facilities.

FAQ about rehabilitation for short-term residents

What is short-term rehabilitation?

These are programs designed to help individuals recovering from surgery, illness or injury return back to home or work in as little time as possible. Whether you’re recovering from joint replacement, surgery, stroke, major illness or trauma, our skilled nursing team offers personalized therapeutic or medical treatment in a comfortable setting.

What type of therapies are available?

At StoneBridge Senior Living, we offer rehabilitation and recovery services including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Services and programs differ based on the location of our facilities, so be sure to check what is offered at each.

How does the admission process work?

In general, the hospital where initial surgery or treatment began will help in contacting a long-term care or nursing home facility that can help with shorter-term health care and rehabilitation services. Be sure to gather as much information as possible from both the hospital as well as any facilities you are considering.

Who determines what type of treatment or therapy is needed?

Medical professionals from the hospital will make initial recommendations as to what type of follow-up treatment is needed, however, upon entering a rehab facility or nursing home, patients will be evaluated thoroughly. This helps our staff know exactly what’s needed moving forward and we can also provide an estimate as to the course and duration of treatment.

How long does rehabilitation last?

Rehabilitation varies depending on the patient and the extent of their medical condition. Typically, care could last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The length of time is also dependent on each patient’s personalized care plan. Once there is a definitive time of departure, staff will work with you and your family on the discharge planning so individuals can be prepared.

StoneBridge Senior Living offers seniors short or long-term care when they need it most

We offer a wide range of care including skilled care, long-term care, respite services and rehabilitation in Missouri and Arkansas, with headquarters in St. Louis.

Our 50 years of industry experience speaks for itself with a stellar reputation and satisfied customers. Every day, our family of quality, professional caregivers are dedicated to providing the personal attention and care needed to support each resident’s health, happiness and overall well-being.

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