StoneBridge is committed to excellence in senior living care

The StoneBridge Senior Living community is committed to excellence and gracious care at each of their locations throughout the region. Owned and operated  by the Lierman family, StoneBridge isn’t just a business – it’s a family. Ask any employee, and they will tell you just that.

As companies grow and become larger, they often lose sight of the individuals who helped build their foundation. Not at StoneBridge. Their family values run deep and they cultivate a family culture throughout their organization. 

When you join the StoneBridge team, you will never be made to feel like a number. That is one of the primary reasons employees remain loyal to StoneBridge throughout their career. 

At StoneBridge, they not only care about their employees, but they invest in them and their potential to grow and advance within the industry based on their interests and abilities. Ashlee Jenkins is a fitting example of how being part of the StoneBridge family pays off in more ways than one. 


Anyone can discover a career with StoneBridge Senior Living

When Ashlee Jenkins was in high school, she began working at StoneBridge Senior Living in Owensville, Missouri, as a dietary aid. Today, she is living her dream as the administrator of the entire Owensville senior living community.

Given opportunities to work her way up through different positions within StoneBridge, Ashlee ultimately discovered her purpose along the way. 

Coming from a home where college was the exception and family members lacked executive experience, Ashlee embraced an alternative path to make her career dreams come true. With the help of the StoneBridge tuition reimbursement program, she became the Director of Nursing while remaining close to her local community to take care of the people that she loved. 

Eventually, Ashlee was offered the administrator position in Owensville and the rest is history. 

StoneBridge is your bridge to a new career

Several individuals have worked their way up from a variety of home health jobs within different StoneBridge communities, and this includes senior living jobs in the laundry department, nutrition, food service, nursing, office administration, and so many more.

No matter what position you hold, you matter to the StoneBridge family and they see and value your potential. Depending on your career goals, you can work your way up within the community doing exactly what you were meant to do. 

This organization prides itself on providing compassionate care for their residents. That all starts with the family who runs the organization and the professional staff they nurture along the way. StoneBridge is family, and if you’re looking for senior living jobs where you can explore, learn and advance, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Visit our website to discover the benefits StoneBridge has to offer, and check out what senior living job openings are available to you.  Please call us at  636.477.3280 for more details. We hope you consider becoming a part of our family.