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As a senior citizen, you may be prone to sustaining injuries from a fall, with statistics showing that falls account for 87% of all fractures among the elderly. You could also experience a stroke, pick up an illness, or get involved in an accident that would leave you unable to carry out certain physical activities. Going to a senior rehabilitation center such as StoneBridge Senior Living is the best way to ensure you fully recover from trauma. Our warm and professional staff is prepared to provide the best care possible to each patient who comes through our doors.

What Does Senior Rehabilitation Involve?

Rehabilitation generally involves care that can help you regain, maintain and improve your physical and cognitive abilities. It is vital for people who have lost the means required for daily living through disease, injury, or trauma.

It is also suitable for people suffering from chronic pain, genetic disorders, developmental disabilities, and severe infections. It provides the necessary hands-on, personal care to help you heal and regain independence.

We have a team of professional rehabilitation and therapy specialists who will help you get back on your feet in the best way possible. Here we will help you understand everything you should know about senior rehabilitation therapy in De Soto and how it can benefit you.

What Is Senior Rehabilitation Therapy?

Senior rehabilitation includes a wide range of services prescribed by your doctor and conducted by trained professionals to assist in recovery. It can take several days to recover from a stroke or joint replacement surgery, and rehabilitation therapy will ensure you get back on your feet.

It’s time to visit a senior rehab center once you begin to experience difficulties in self-care, joint motion, speech, cognition, swallowing, coordination and balance. Senior rehabilitation services begin once you are stable after surgery or stroke and can last several weeks, depending on your potential and the severity of your condition.

Senior rehabilitation centers are designed to help and accommodate individuals in recovery. The staff specializes in providing healing and rehabilitation services to people with health issues in a caring and professional way. Senior rehab centers provide a welcoming environment that makes you feel at home while offering specific medical treatments and therapies that help you regain independence.

You will also socialize and carry out activities that will help stimulate your mind and body, keeping you in overall good condition. Senior rehab centers generally offer three levels of healthcare depending on your specific needs, health status, and length of stay. They include:

  1. Basic care – this involves assistance with personal care, activities of daily living, and supervision of medical needs alongside other basic safety procedures.
  2. Comprehensive sub-acute care – this care works effectively for injury, acute illness, or the onset of a chronic condition.
  3. Acute care – this type of care entails multidisciplinary rehabilitation services that promote healing after a severe stroke, traumatic injury, intensive surgery, or debilitating disease.

You can receive senior rehabilitation services across several settings, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and in-home therapies. A skilled nursing facility or rehab hospital provides short-term rehabilitation services for patients needing medical care and 24-hour nursing services.

An assisted living facility can provide rooms for different kinds of therapy and allow its residents to utilize the equipment with the help of health professionals and staff members. In-home rehabilitation services involve getting therapy and training from a licensed medical professional in the comfort of your home. Trust professionals to help you heal and get back on your feet in the fastest and most effective way possible.

What Are the Types of Rehabilitation Therapy?

A senior rehabilitation facility such as StoneBridge Senior Living offers several services and care options. Starting your recovery journey at such a facility will guarantee the best results, making you fully independent after a life-altering event.

The first thing you should consider before joining a senior rehab is the duration of your hospital stay.

  • Short-term rehabilitation is suitable for patients with minor injuries that require only a short period to heal, mostly a few days or weeks.
  • Long-term care is for patients with chronic conditions such as brain injury, stroke, and heart problems that require several months of recovery.

Rehabilitation centers also offer inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services to recovering patients.

  • Outpatient rehabilitation allows you to visit the facility and return home every day until you fully recover.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation requires you to stay at the facility for a recommended period while receiving treatment and assistance with daily activities. Inpatient rehabilitation centers provide all forms of therapy and intensive care, accompanied by meals, social activities, exercise classes, and counseling services.

Senior rehabilitation facilities are designed to reduce pain from an injury or medical condition and help you recover by improving mobility and function. They do this through:

  • Physical therapy is suitable for patients experiencing pain or difficulty in mobility, functionality, and living life. It enhances muscle strength and endurance, improving muscle control, flexibility, and balance in your body.
  • Occupational therapy develops your cognitive skills and works on your ability to carry out the activities of daily living.
  • Speech therapy can help you reconstruct the pathways in your brain that control speech and treat any neurodegenerative disorders affecting it. It improves your auditory processing and communication skills and helps overcome swallowing difficulties caused by injury or illness.

A therapist might use one or a combination of different therapies to help you recover quickly and allow you to navigate through your daily life.

What Are the Benefits of Senior Rehab Care?

The main aim of rehabilitation is to help you heal, recover, become independent and carry out the activities you love. It enables you to make your body more active through physical exercises that strengthen your muscles and provide several other benefits to your physical health. Some of the benefits of rehabilitation care include:

  1. Fall prevention.
  2. Pain management.
  3. Stress relief.
  4. Reducing the risk of infection.
  5. Improving your quality of life.
  6. Restoring self-confidence.

Inpatient and outpatient therapy can help you recover quickly and safely, making your life easier even as you age.

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